Air cooler system and air conditioner system both transform the heated air into a cooling air to give a cooler environment to the whole premises. For tropical countries like Malaysia, air cooler system and air conditioner system are popular because people need effective way to keep their home and business place cool, fresh and airy. Both air cooling systems provides cool air, though they are different from each other in operating mechanism.
Air cooler is smaller in size and portable, easy to move from one place to another while air conditioner is larger, heavier and has to be installed and mounted on wall. Air cooler operates in simpler mechanism compared to air conditioner. An air cooler consists of mainly two major parts - a fan and a water pump, whereas air conditioner has more parts such as compressor, condenser and works on refrigerants with complex system to cool down the air. Air cooler adds simple water into the air and lower the air temperature, but air conditioner use chemical coolant to cool the air. The air comes out from an air cooler is humid, and air conditioner produces dry air. Despite the differences, air cooler system and air conditioning system are always the favourite of Malaysian consumers. Air cooler systems are considered more ecomonical, convenient and efficient alternatives for flexible use, whilst air conditioning systems are most served in everyday use of residential and commercial buildings in Malaysia.
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